Tips for the use and care of silicone baking mats

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Silicone is rubber made from mixing silicone and oxygen. Silicone is 28% of the earth’s crust. Silicone comes in many different baking forms. There are, silicone baking mats, formed Bundt pans, circular cake pans, muffin tins, spatulas, rolling pins, oven mitts, ice trays, and even whisks. Silicone is formed into these many different shapes by applied heat; it is ironic that it is heat-resistant.

All of the different forms of silicone bake ware can require very specific cleaning. We will list 5 of the best ways to use and care for your silicone baking mats.

  1. Never use direct heat

    direct heatAlthough silicone is formed from heat and is designed to induct heat, you should never place it in direct heat. They are not designed for that. Direct heat would mean putting in a broiler, grill, or directly on a stove. When you use your silicone baking mat, or any other product with silicone, be sure to protect it from extreme heat levels

  2. Silicone is flexible so take precautions

    take precautionsIf you have a silicone muffin tin or cake pan that is filled with raw cake batter, take precautions. It is best to place a stable cookie sheet under your filled muffin tin or cake pan. If you don’t want spilled dough all over your stove, floor, and yourself even, be sure to keep your filled pan even. Silicone is many things, but not sturdy. Flexibility is a good tradeoff for the benefits that come from using a silicone baking more on how to use silicon bakeware

  3. Be careful with not to cut your silicone

    do not cut your siliconeIf one thing will cut down the usability of your silicone baking mat, it is a cut to the surface. When you are removing a cooked and cooled product from a silicone cake pan, be sure not use a knife to remove it. If you use a knife or other pointed object to test the doneness of your product, be sure not to pierce your cake pan. It will weaken the fabric of the product, decreasing its usability.

  4. Wash with soap and water

    If you are making biscuits with your silicone rolling pin, it can get sticky. Once your biscuits are cut and ready to go in the over, be sure to wash your rolling pin with warm soap and water. If you wash it right away, it will be so much easier to clean. When you are done with making your biscuits, which we know you placed on a silicone baking mat, be sure to dust off the crumbs and wash it with soap and water as well. It is the best way to keep your valuable product viable and useful for years to come.

  5. Let dry

    Reports varies as to how to let the silicone baking mat dry. Some people say that after you wash it, you should roll it up as you would a jelly roll and stand it up to air dry. Another source said to lay it down to dry. You can choose whatever method works for you. Here are some more tips for using silicon baking mat that you might be interested in

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