Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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Many of you may have curiosity towards carpet cleaning. There are many ways of cleaning the various type of carpets. Some of the common types are dry cleaning, host cleaning, and steam upholstery cleaning. The types of cleaning which you should go for depends on the types and texture of your carpet. Sometimes the carpet manufacturers also refer to the type of cleaning which should be used for the particular type of carpet.

It is better to get the services of professional carpet cleaning companies for long lasting and excellent life of your carpet piece. Most of the professionals insist on doing the cleaning of the floor first before lying the carpet over it. Go for the technique of marble polishing or the floor cushioning first and then get your carpet cleaned.

Types of carpet cleaning services


When you to a carpet cleaner, he will tell you about many methods of professional carpet cleaning but pick the one which is resistible for strings of your carpet. Here are few main types of cleaning services provided by most of the professional which will guide you in determining which types suits your carpet.

  1. Dry cleaning

Cry cleaning or bonnet cleaning of carpets involve the use of absorbent pads for cleaning. The process of dry cleaning is not dry. First of all, a cleaning solution is sprayed over the carpet to gather the dust particles. The cleansing action of solution breaks down the soil and dust into small sizes, and then a buffing machine is moved over the carpet.

This buffing machine is provided with a fixable and absorbent pad or bonnet which can absorb the cleansing solutions and eliminates the dust and soil particles from the carpet. If the pad gets dusted, it can be changed to a new one. Repeat the process until carpets get completely cleaned. Click here !

  1. Steam upholstery cleaning

Steam upholstery cleaning is also named as hot water cleaning. Many carpet manufacturing suggests the use of this type of cleaning. In this method, the carpet or upholstery is pre-heated at first which breaks down the dust components in it. After the muddy water is rinsed from carpet by applying the pressure along with the cleansing solution, hot water comes out.

At the same moment, a blower is used to eliminate the steam, dust, and cleanser. What most of the professional carpet cleaning companies do is that they mount the carpet on the heightened truck unit where they are exposed to high temperature and strong vacuum action.

Take good care of the steam cleaners. The low heat, high water pressure or huge amount of vacuum can damage the steam cleaning units.

Maintain the texture of the carpet is very important for its long life. Many carpet cleaning companies are available which carry out the various types of professional carpet cleaning, depending upon the type of carpet you have. Even few companies also provide the additional services of floor cleaning and marble polishing along with the carpet cleaning. Find out more in this site :www.ultracleanfloorcare.com

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